Three inspiring women: Bernadette, Lindy, and Philippa

This Mother's day we are excited to share with you about the Oceans of Love initiative. We recently met one of these ladies, Bernie, and was so inspired we wanted to tell their story.Oceans of Love

60 for 60

Oceans of love has been founded by three inspiring women: Bernadette, Lindy, and Philippa. They are celebrating being 60 by swimming 60 kilometres in 60 ocean pools. However, this initiative is so much more than just an ocean inspired celebration and deep reflection on the joys and challenges that six decades of full life brings. It's a 60 year milestone, 60 kilometres, 60 ocean pools, and a simple $60 donation for the health of a mother and baby.
Oceans of Love

The gift of a safe birth

Oceans of Love are raising awareness for other mothers, for infants and unborn babies in Africa for whom a safe birth is only a dream. A sponsorship of $60 for their 60 kilometre swim could save the life of a mother and baby.

This sponsorship is made possible through the Te-Kworo Foundation's Labour of Love campaign that provides safe births for women and girls in northern Uganda. 

An intricately beautiful initiative

We are deeply moved by this intricately beautiful initiative. Bernadette, Lindy, and Philippa inspired us to reflect on things that are truly beautiful. In their swimming, they are affirming that 60 is still young, that they're at a peak in life. They have reached a point of freedom from the opinions of others, and that all of life’s challenges to date have only made them stronger.
Oceans of Love

They celebrate joy and freedom. As they delight in the beauty of sandstone rock pools, gliding through crisp clean ocean waters of Australia, their minds tend outward too. As mothers they feel a love for their babies that’s as big as an ocean…as they raise them, they receive an ocean of love in return.
Oceans of Love


Support a mother

As women, we are choosing to support a mother each through this beautiful initiative. We invite you to join us in this wonderful ripple effect by donating a mother in Uganda this life changing gift. 

Just $60 allows a mother to access antenatal care, a safe birth in a clinic, and immunisations for her child for up to 6 months.

We choose to make a stand for the people and our planet and we are thrilled to share with you the journey of Oceans of Love. As these ladies say, 'just keep swimming'. Let’s get behind them to support their every stroke.

Sending you our raw and salty love this Mother's day.


Em and Olly


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