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Our swimwear is simply made better

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How does plastic and nylon waste become swimwear?

Plastic and nylon waste, ghost fishing nets (the ones that roam the ocean), carpets scraps and other waste is thoroughly cleaned, then shredded into pellets and finally melted and spun into threads to become a regenerated nylon yarn that is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon. In fact it's even better as it supports fashion circularity.

What it feels like to wear it?

It's ah-ma-zingly soft and ridiculously silky (try it for yourself). Our swimwear has a soft barely-there feeling with a gentle cooling sensation. All over seamless cuts do not dig in and fit you perfectly even when our beautiful bodies go through normal weight fluctuations. We ourselves lived in our swimwear throughout muiltiple pregnancies, postpartum and simply bloated days without the need to upsize (or feel uncomfortable).

What about salt water or pool?

We ensure the highest quality of our garments that lasts because we stand for slower consumption. Our swimwear will take you from season to season with flying colours. It's chlorine and salt water resistant and has the excellent UPF50 rating. We don't chase the trends so you get peices that live happily ever after in your wardrobe.

stop and smell the roses

We are slow

As a slow fashion brand we introduce smaller collections and very limited pieces and quantities (not to over produce). We intentionally design season-less (invigorating winter dips anyone?) not to become last season's news quickly.

We are committed to business and fashion practices that regenerate instead of polluting. We also value humans so we engage in ethical manufacturing and contribute to people's empowerment in the industry.

"Putting our name behind the brand comes with the responsibility of following our moral compass. We don't want profits that put others backwards."

Em x

"We believe that fashion has the potential of being this powerful force that empowers people and brings beauty to the world. We choose to make a step in this direction."

Olly x

better together

Business besties

We don't listen to people who say don't do business with friends. We founded Raw Salt in 2018 and never looked back. Spending lots of time together helped us to refine our vision of creating a business with a heart for people and planet that is fair, kind and considerate.

We harness our creativity without hurting anyone or anything in the process. We run our business with the help of our legend husbands, kids and babies in tow. Our energy comes from working and playing by the ocean (also caffeine). We know firsthand that you never ever regret a swim.

We're mindful in every way

We've only partner with ethical manufacturers who's vision of conscious business practices aligns with ours. We ensure that every partner in our supply chain (from spinning regenerated nylon yarn to the garment sewing) is committed to the exquisite level of craftsmanship and attention to details.

Hold on to your swimmwers, we're about to get real eco-friendly up in here. As a business, we're doing our part to keep our carbon footprint as tiny as possible. We've created our Australian 'mission control' with a miniscule carbon footprint using solar energy, plastic free packaging and carbon neutral delivery services.

And for the little bit we can't avoid, we offset it by supporting reforestation and clean energy projects with CarbonClick. And by the way, so are you, when you're rocking our sustainable threads.

Our manufacturing ethos

Employment contracts

Our manufacturing partners strive to employ people for the long term. Many of the employees have built stable careers for over a decade from their entry level roles.

Employee benefits

Our pmanufacturing partners provide all emplyees with:

• opportunities of the career advancement

• salaries at least double the minimum wage levels

• medical insurance

• doctor's fees and prescription medication

• thirteen months salary a year

• double salary at holiday times. 

Where are garments are made

Our swimwear is made on Indonesian island of Bali. The regenrated fibers we use are made in Italy and USA.

Our linen is woven in Japan and garments are made in in Wadawurrung Country in Australia.

We're passionate in supporting local businesses when we can and we're immensely proud of investing in our home country of Australia with our linen collection.

We source our superb linen from Oasaka in Japan from traditional manufacturers with a wealth of knowledge and heritage. It's superb softness comes from the traditional process of tapping (instead of using harsh chemicals).

Our swimwear is made from innovative regenerated yarns created from plastic and nylon waste otherwise polluting our planet. This yarns are created from ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, industrial plastic from all over the world and pre-consumer nylon waste resqued during the manufacturing processes. As well as being a solution on waste, regenerated yarns emit fewer greenhouse gases, conserve more water and energy. It's also significantly better when it comes to climate change and reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil.

Our materials


Forget that you're wearing anything at all with our lightweight and non-restrictive swim. REPREVE® yarn is made in U.S. and feels like you're wearing absolutely nothing (in the best way possible). It'll seriously blow your socks off.


Firm and softly supportive with a gentle cooling sensation. ECONYL® regenerated nylon from Italy with UPF50 protection, outstanding durability, resistance to chlorine and sunscreens. It'll stay as a 'forever piece' in your closet.

Japanese linen

Feel its superb quality and traditional luxury with a sigle touch. This is the most exquisite linen in every way. It'll shade you from the heat and wrap you on a cool day. Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and it gets only better with age.

We're all about the cruelty-free life, and that includes all of our fashion choices.

Because why hurt animals when you can hurt fashion trends instead?

All our materials are vegan and free from any animal products. Plus, our dyes are certified by OEKO-TEX® and GOTS, so you can look good and feel good knowing your clothing is made with a clear conscience.

And, when your order arrives, it'll come in a plastic-free package placed inside home compostable cornstarch satchels by our friends from Better Packaging.Co. Look after the Earth and it's eartlings together with us.