Our values

We aren't perfect in case you were wondering. But we try to make the best decision we can every time we are presented with a choice. We are always learning.

We use innovative regenerated fabrics

We use regenerated and natural fabrics:
  • ECONYL® nylon yarn made out of ocean recovered fishing nets, carpets and other waste
  • REPREVE nylon is made out of pre-consumer waste by the process of recycling nylon fibres during the manufacturing process instead of sending it into the landfill.
  • 100% linen which is one of the most biodegradable fabrics made from flax plant fibres. It's strong, naturally moth resistant and moisture wicking without holding bacteria.

    We engage in responsible and ethical manufacturing

    We've personally met all our manufacturers to ensure that people who make our garments are well looked after.

    Our bikinis are ethically made in Bali. All people involved in making of our swimwear are looked after and provided with the opportunity of the career advancement. Their salaries are at least double or more the legal amount and they have medical insurance, including doctor's fees and any prescription medication. All employees are payed 13 months salary a year and a double salary at holiday times. Many have been employed for over 10 years and worked their way up from the entry levels.

    Our resort wear are ethically made in China and Taiwan. Our manufacturer is committed to preserving nature by introducing materials and practices that prevent the use of harmful toxins, destructive pesticides and excessive water and energy consumption at the production level. Employee's wages are kept over 15% above the industry average with room for promotion. Legally binding contracts are offered with competitive medical and pension packages. The team of over 80% women are placed in leadership roles with the opportunity for ongoing development.

    We use safe and eco-friendly dyes

    All dyes used in the manufacturing process meet global independent testing and certification system STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This ensures high product safety from a consumer’s and ecological point of view and keeps the fashion industry accountable for globally sustainable awareness.

    Our resort wear textiles are dyed in blue-sign certified facilities to eliminate harmful substances from the start of the manufacturing cycle. Both rainwater and recycled water are harvested to preserve the world's clean drinking supply. Renewable wind energy is used to power machines and conserve energy levels throughout production. Responsible water treatment programs are valued that prevent destruction to aquatic life.

    We avoid using single-use plastic in our packaging

    We say no to plastic. You will receive your swimmers in a plastic free compostable packaging placed inside home compostable satchels made out of cornstarch by our friends from Better Packaging.Co. Our manufacturer sends us our swimwear using Avani bags made from cassava (also known as tapioca) starch which are biodegradable and compostable. We always offset our carbon too (#humblebrag).

    We use carbon neutral delivery methods

    We use carbon neutral delivery service across Australia and offset carbon footprint on the international orders.

    We encourage to slow down

    We design our prints and colours to compliment each other. Our bikini tops and bottoms can be purchased separately allowing numerous unique combinations. We encourage to be creative, to choose better and use for longer.