The process:

Woven in Japan, made in Australia. Our luxurious linen is woven in Osaka, Japan and traditionally softened with the process of tapping (instead of using harsh chemicals). We've taken meticulous care sourcing our linen from Japan. We work closely with our supplier and are very proud of the supreme quality and full transparency of the process they offer.

Our linen garments are proudly made in Victoria, Australia. We partner with a wonderful team based in Wadawurrung Country. We're passionate in supporting local businesses and we're immensely proud to invest in our home country of Australia.

We are committed to exquisite level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We create the highest quality garments that will live in your wardrobe for many seasons and will be forever pieces in your wardrobe.

Feels like:

You can feel the superb quality and softness that sets it apart from other linen. It will be the most delicious linen you've touched with a wealth of heritage and tradition woven into its fibres.

Our linen protects you from sun and is hypoallergenic. It absorbs moisture in seconds, naturally antibacterial, and only gets better with age. Made from natural flax plant fibres it's perfect for any temperatures- from lockdown life to living la vida loca (or la vida local).